Below is a list of the clubs affiliated to the Oxfordshire Rifle Association. Clicking on to a club will reveal a short summary of the club's officials and information about its shooting disciplines and activities. Some clubs have their own web pages which can provide more information.

Abingdon School Rifle Club

Secretary: Alan Smith (Tel: 01235 528768)
Shooting Disciplines:  Smallbore
Number of Members:
Main Contact for Information: Alan Smith

Bicester and District Rifle and Pistol Club

Chairman: D Dashwood
Secretary :    H J Wadley (Tel:01869 240109)
Shooting Disciplines: Smallbore, Light Sport Weapons, Air Weapons and Muzzle Loading
Number of Members:  46
Main Contact for Information:     Frank Slade: E-mail
Notes:Club Web address:

Buckland and District Rifle and Pistol Club

Secretary :    M E Pill (Tel:01367 241644)
Shooting Disciplines: Smallbore
Number of Members:  
Main Contact for Information:   M E Pill (Tel:01367 241644)

IBIS Bearwood RC

Secretary :    P Bye (Tel:01189 419078)    E-mail
Shooting Disciplines: Smallbore
Number of Members:   24
Main Contact for Information:C Evans (Tel 0118 9722864)    E-mail
Notes:      Indoor Range at Bearwood College, Wokingham, Berks

Chiltern Rifle Club

Chairman:    Mr C Etheridge   E-mail :
Secretary:    P McIntyre (Tel: 01491 613978)   E-mail:
Shooting Disciplines:  Smallbore (20yards), Air rifle and Air pistol, Fullbore Rifle, Muzzle loading rifle and Pistol
Number of Members:     30
Main Contact for Information:  P McIntyre
Notes.    All Fullbore and Muzzle loading pistol and rifle shooting is done at Bisley or Otmoor

Chinnor Club

Secretary:    Patrick Twomey     Tel: 01844 351347(evenings)  E-mail:
Shooting Disciplines:  All
Number of Members:
Main Contact for Information:

City of Oxford R & P Club

Secretary:    Terry Woodley     Tel: 01865 376662  
Shooting Disciplines:  SB Rifle
Number of Members:30
Main Contact for Information:
Notes. Indoor and Outdoor Ranges at New Inn Road Beckley, OXON

Deddington & District Rifle Club

Secretary :    R Bancroft (Tel:01295 780579)
Shooting Disciplines: All
Number of Members:   66
Main Contacts for Information:
Full-Bore: Jeremy Hooper (01869 347679)
Small-Bore: David Leigh (01869 325271)
Pistol & Sport Rifle & Air Weapons: Geoff Collins (01869 810029/233)

Notes:Indoor and Outdoor Ranges at Smiths Sand Pit, Duns Tew, OXON

Harwell Target Shooting Club

Chairman:   Graham Nowell   (Tel: 01865 407897)
Secretary:   Simon Edwards  
Shooting Disciplines:   Smallbore, Fullbore, Historic, Classic, Muzzle-Loading (ML), Black Powder, Light Sport Rifle, Gallery Rifle,                          Air Pistol and Rifle, ML Pistol.
Number of Members: 37
Main Contacts: Air Rifle and Pistol Captain:   Paul Chambers (01235 816365)
                          Gallery and LSR Captain:   Colin Reed   (01235 815548)
                          Small bore Captain:  Oliver Bailey               
                        Full bore Captain:  Jason Gillan   Oliver Bailey.

Notes:   Indoor Range Wantage TSC, Springfield Rd, Wantage. Outdoor ranges at Culham (SB) and Otmoor (FB)

Henley Trinity Hall Rifle Club

Secretary :    C Gibbs: Email
Shooting Disciplines: Small-bore
Number of Members:   20
Main Contacts for Information:
            Small-Bore: John Wetten (0118 699914)     Email
Notes:20 yds Indoor Range at Trinity Hall, Harpsden Road, Henley on Thames, Oxon

Isis Rifle and Pistol Club

Secretary :    C Warwick (Tel 01993 850246 Email
Shooting Disciplines: Small-bore, Fullbore
Number of Members:   32
Main Contacts for Information:
            Small-Bore:                Fullbore: C Warwick

Oxford University Pistol Club

Captain:     Sophie Weller

Secretary:     Philip Young

Shooting Disciplines:     Air Pistol (Own Range), Smallbore Rifle and Gallery Rifle (at Bisley)

Number of Members:    

Notes.     Club Website

RAF Brize Norton Shooting Club

Chairman:     (Currently Vacant)

Secretary:     Mr D L Clapham  Tel.  07711 544911

Shooting Disciplines:     Smallbore Prone, Fullbore Prone and Smallbore 3 Position

Number of Members:     Approximately 12

Main Contact for Information:     D L Clapham

Notes.     Club membership is only open to members of HM Forces and their dependents and Civil Servants

Royal British Legion Abingdon Rifle Club (Web Page)

Chairman:     Dr John Farren 01235 835520

Secretary:     Andrew Walker 

Shooting Disciplines:      Smallbore Prone

Number of Members: 20

Main Contact for Information:     Andrew Walker

Notes.     RBL Abingdon shoots indoors at the Morris Motors range in Cowley, Oxford. During the summer the club shoots at its own outdoor range (50 metres and 100 yards) at Culham. For more information about the club go to the club's own web page.

Ricochet Rifle Club

Chairman:     R F Burden

Secretary:     Rob Needham      (Tel. 0118 9267724)     email:

Shooting Disciplines:  Fullbore

Number of Members:18

Main Contact for Information:     Rob Needham

        Fullbore Rep: Jim Mainstone (Tel 01235 525215)

Notes.     Ricochet is a small, friendly club that shoots mainly at Bisley. New members with some rifle shooting experience are very welcome, and equipment can be loaned by existing members

Rover(Cowley) Rifle Club

Secretary :    Ken Packer ( Tel: 01235 529766)
Shooting Disciplines:  Smallbore Prone
Number of Members:17
Main Contact for Information:     Ken Packer

Shrivenham Smallbore Rifle Club


Secretary: L Gilbert (Tel 0173349195)

Shooting Disciplines: Smallbore 

Number of Members:

Main Contact for Information:


The Classic and Historic Firearms Club

Secretary:    Mr A Jeffs (01296 485545)
Shooting Disciplines:  
Number of Members:34
Main Contact for Information:A T Jeffs

Wantage Target Shooting Club

Chairman:  Mr R A Evans (Tel: 01235 888220 Email:


Shooting Disciplines:     Air Rifle, Air Pistol, Smallbore Rifle, Gallery Rifle,

Light Sport Rifle and (limited) Muzzle Loading Pistol and Crossbow

Number of Members:     40

Main Contact for Information:

Notes:          The Club has its own 20yd indoor range in Wantage which is approved for all legal categories of firearms. Safe and responsible shooters, or would be shooters, of any age, discipline or ability are welcome. Introductory courses are available for beginners. The Club holds a good selection of equipment for all disciplines.

Wilbury Rifle Club


Secretary: S J East (Tel: 0776969678)          E-Mail:

Shooting Disciplines: Fullbore 

Number of Members:

Main Contact for Information:Steve East


Witney Rifle Club

Secretary:       T A Bounds      Tel:  01993 841454

Shooting Disciplines::         Smallbore Rifle,   Fullbore and Black Powder Pistol 

Number of Members:        20

Main Contact for Information:    T A Bounds

Notes:          The Club shoots 50m/100yds at Chipping Norton. Other disciplines are shot at the indoor range at Witney. Fullbore shooting is a Otmoor and Bisley. The Club welcomes new members and meets Thursday and Saturday evenings at the indoor range during  the winter and on Saturdays only throughout  the Summer. 

Witney Pistol Club(Web Page)



Shooting Disciplines: 

Number of Members:

Main Contact for Information:


The 8th Warwicks(Stratford) Home Guard Rifle Club


Secretary Mr G Moore (01789 762072)      E-mail:

Shooting Disciplines:SB 

Number of Members:25

Main Contact for Information: